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A independent construction company. Operations in heavy industrial, building, civil infrastructure and HSE management.

The Optima-Con Team has over 10 years combined experience in the following.

Civil works

Excavation, back filling and compaction of foundations for roads, buildings and civil structures, pipelines and bulk earthworks.

Structural works

Form work, reinforced steel and concrete, retaining walls and road barriers.

General building

General brick buildings with everything included e.g. roof trusses, roof sheeting, steel work, etc.

Steel works

Manufacturing & erection of steel constructions with overhead cranes , roof trusses, buildings, workshops and supporting structures with the use of mild steel, galvanizing and stainless steel.

Design, Re-design, Manufacturing, Installing & Maintenance

All steel, PVC and HDPE pipe work including welded connections from pump stations to process plants.

Electrical work

  • General electrical connections from pumps to general buildings.
  • Installation and maintenance of 3-phase (380 Volts) and 220 Volts.


Optima Construction management covers the following areas:

  • Project and program management by using relevant computer programs like CCS or Microsoft project to manage the time and cost of the project
  • Quality assurance by using the standards that is applicable to the specific need.
  • Safety and human resources management by using the OHS act, labour laws and the ISO standards.
  • Safe health and environmental, plan task observation, fault find leadership, daily save task identification documentation.
  • Security control on site